Metro Roller Hockey League (MRHL)

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Metro Roller Hockey League (MRHL) is committed to providing a family orientated & fun environment where children of all ages and skill levels can flourish in an enjoyable and safe sports environment. 

Our founder Patrick Simms has been around ice hockey and roller hockey for many years, growing up, and is now re-living the same joy, fun & experiences with his children. 

After having a conversation with one of his kids one day about roller hockey,he thought: “what a great idea to start a youth roller hockey league, right here in Halifax, that is both fun & affordable for all skill levels and ages”. He felt it is time to give the game of roller hockey a new face and use his 30+ year’s love of the game to helping everyone enjoy the game of roller hockey to its fullest.

MRHL's vision is to help each league member enhance his or her hockey skills in playing a game they love, while promoting 3 life skills – ConfidenceLeadership, & Teamwork.

The Game

The game is played with four players and a goalie. There are no offsides and no icing calls. This gives the players the ability to work on their puck-handling skills while utilizing their line mates on wide open ice.

The goalie is forced to keep his or her eye on the players at all times, helping to develop their techniques & abilities to stop the puck.

Roller hockey is a great way to work on your technique while away from ice hockey during the off season!


Some sports have vague histories that date back centuries to bygone eras. Roller hockey (interchangeably referred to as inline hockey), is not one of them.

Roller skates were invented in 1760. Once the rules of ice hockey were formalized, people started playing the sport on awkward quad skates with a ball (instead of flat puck). However, it wasn’t until the late-1980s/early-1990s that skate technology progressed enough to accurately replicate the speed and maneuverability of ice hockey on dry land. Once the tech came around, a perfect storm of events occurred to make roller hockey one of the most popular sports in the 90s, and then to regress almost as fast as it arose. For a sport so young, it sure has been a wild ride. LEARN MORE

Basic Rules

  • Games are played four skaters per side, plus goalie

  • No offside

  • No icing

  • No body checking allowed

  • Games are played using a hard, plastic puck

  • Game is played in an ice rink, roller rink, or indoor soccer arena

  • Game is played on a smooth, concrete or Roller Hockey specific flooring

Benefits of Roller Hockey

  • Conditioning

  • Improved skill development

  • Skill maintenance

  • Develop longer skating strides

  • Improved passing techniques

  • Develop a quicker, more accurate shot

  • Improved puck control

  • Team play

  • Offensive creativity

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Below is a list of the equipment needed for playing roller hockey. For a more in depth look check out our Equipment page.


  • CSA approved Goalie Helmet or

  • CSA approved Hockey Helmet and Cage (no cat-eye masks)

  • Upper Body Protector

  • Catcher

  • Blocker

  • Throat Guard

  • Pants (either ice or roller)

  • Roller Blades (no running shoes)

  • Girdle/Protective Cup

  • Goalie Pads

  • Goalie Stick 

  • Wheels are often 47mm in size and 74-76A softness for inline hockey


  • Roller Blades

  • Hockey Stick

  • Shin Pads

  • Elbow Pads

  • CSA approved Hockey Helmet

  • Pants (either ice or roller)

  • Hockey Gloves

  • Girdle/Protective Cup

  • Jersey

  • Padded Under Shirt (recommended) or

  • Shoulder Pads (optional)

  • Wheels are often 59mm-80mm & range in softness from 74A-80A.

Risk Management

Risk management includes identifying, assessing and eliminating or minimizing risks in an activity, in this case, organized hockey. Risk management requires all participants in organized hockey to play specific roles in order to prevent accidents and injuries before they happen.

This manual will help you, the hockey participant, to recognize the basic concepts of risk management, and more importantly, understand the role that you must play to make hockey a safer game for all participants.  This not only involves identifying and eliminating or minimizing risks, but instilling important values in participants such as respect for the rules and other participants.

Hockey Canada Risk Management and Fair Play Manual


These manuals provide a user-friendly guide to the features and procedures of Hockey Canada’s National Insurance Program. Insurance is the last component of an effective risk management program, as it provides protection for all participants against the consequences of unavoidable risks. 

Hockey Canada Insurance Program
Hockey Canada Insurance Case Studies
Hockey Canada Concussion Awareness Program

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